Finches Gully is our 20 acre bush block located in Clunes, Victoria. It sits in the Victorian Volcanic Plains bioregion and our particular block contains the Plains Grassy Woodland Ecological Vegetation Class. We bought the block in 2007 and since then have seen significant growth and diversity in the flora and fauna. After signing up with the voluntary Land for Wildlife scheme and meeting like-minded nature enthusiasts, we began to learn more about the species that call our property home. It's amazing how much you learn once you invest in a decent pair of binoculars! This literally transformed our views, and therefore our understanding and appreciation of the variety of birds we see. In 2012 we put a Trust for Nature covenant on our block so it will be protected forever.

Clunes is 146 kms west of Melbourne and is famous for a few different reasons. The first time gold was discovered in Victoria was in Clunes in 1851 and the gold rush quickly followed. The buildings along the main street of Clunes still retain their old fashioned look and charm. The town has been used as the setting for films such as Ned Kelly, and more impressively the original Mad Max, with some key scenes set outside the Central Garage and Clunes Railway Station. 

We feel very strongly that we are just the custodians of this amazing piece of bush and acknowledge the Dja Dja Wurrung people as the traditional owners of this land.