Tanya Loos: A passionate naturalist and writer, Tanya is always happy to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for all creatures great and small. 

The Melbourne Birder: If you ever want a guide for a birding adventure, we can highly recommend you contact Steve to arrange your mission. A truly superb birder with years of experience, an incredible sense of hearing for distant calls and a bloody fun bloke as well!

Wings on Wire: The FaceBook page for ace bird photographer, Paul Randall who has always been very generous in helping me out with my own bird photography.

The Legless Lizards: We first heard The Legless Lizards at a festival in Sunshine and were really taken by their atmospheric soundscapes created by guitar, tabla and sax. They take inspiration from Melbourne's Western Plains and multicultural urban life, often involving the wider community in their art. 

Natural Newstead: The rather excellent blog and bird photography of Geoff Park, covering central Victoria and predominantly areas around Newstead.

Mount Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre: Mount Rothwell is a 420ha predator-free property exclusively managed for the conservation of some of Australia’s most threatened species, including the Eastern Barred Bandicoot and Eastern Quoll. They do night tours for small groups which we highly recommend!

Hiking Fiasco: A hilarious blog which often lives up to its title in an inimitable style that will have you in more stitches than if you'd done the hikes yourself! Whilst being funny it's also informative and interspersed with complementary photos of the lovely bush walks he traverses. 

Mysterious Universe: Getting out and about usually means a few hours driving and Mysterious Universe is our absolute favourite podcast to keep us awake and entertained. They cover topics such as paranormal phenomena, science and technology, psychedelics, UFOs, ghosts and spirituality with an open mind but also a healthy dose of cynicism. 

The Blindboy Podcast: another podcast we highly recommend comes from the brilliant and unique mind of Blindboy Boatclub. We cannot even start to describe it - just dive in and get embroiled within the imagination and world view of a truly interesting bloke!

Michael's Flickr page: While you will find select images on Outside Four Walls, my Flickr page often has more photos from within a shot sequence, or photographs that I like but would be excessive to add to this site.

Lirralirra: The beautiful photography and bird site of internationally awarded wildlife photographer, Kim Wormald. Kim's shots are really lovely and generally accompanied by a short narrative that add to her expression of appreciation for our birdlife in Australia.

NatureShare: An excellent open source, citizen science database that we can all freely submit observations to, as well as create specific collections. The site has a comprehensive species list for the state of Victoria that has been imported from official sources and carefully curated by experts. The friendly contributors are very helpful in assisting with the identification of photos you upload if you don't know what you have snapped.