The luckiest Hobby in the West

Australian Hobby

Last year Michael and I had the honour of rescuing an injured Australian Hobby that we often see hunting around Sunshine West. In fact Michael has taken photos (as above) of what we think is probably the same bird, chomping on a Spotted Dove. I wrote a story about this special bird of prey and it was published in a community newspaper called The Westsider. Check it out here...

Ps. I have a habit of bringing home injured animals, mainly birds, but sometimes dogs and cats too. One of the first rescues that Michael was subjected to was when we first started living together, in Brighton, UK. I brought home an injured pigeon and named him Griffin. Because we were in a sharehouse, Griffin stayed in our bedroom and I fed him porridge for a few weeks until he was well enough to be released. I have fond memories of Griffin but I'm not sure Michael felt the same way, ha ha!